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10 Thoughts About Missing Your Dog While You’re Away at College

We can all agree that being away from your dog is literally the worst part of going away to college. Let’s all come together an weep about missing our furry friends so much. 

1. When you wake up in the morning, you hate not being able to say good morning to your best friend. 

2. And then when you go to bed at night, you feel like your day isn’t complete because you couldn’t kiss your puppy goodnight. 

3. You tear up when you actually have to vacuum your floor because your doggy vacuum cleaner isn’t there to clean up everything you drop. 

4. When you find a piece of your dog’s hair on your clothes you get so excited because you suddenly feel so close to them, even though you’re far away. 

5. Sometimes, you just totally zone out thinking about your dog, and can’t help smiling at the thought of them. 

6. You can’t help wondering what your dog is doing right this minute, and if they miss you as much as you miss them…so of, course, you FaceTime with them frequently.  

7. When you see another dog anywhere – with another person on campus, in a hallway, on a random road, at Petco… you HAVE TO TOUCH IT! 

8. You miss the simple things, using them as a pillow, watching them sleep, cuddling on the floor with them…

9. You’re constantly talking (read: bragging) about your amazing dog to anyone who will listen. 

10. You have a countdown on your calendar until you can see your best friend again! 

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