10 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Anything

Anyone who knows me knows that my dogs are basically the most important thing in my life. My beagle and best friend was my eighth birthday present and my love for her has grown stronger (and more obsessive) with each passing year. Even now as her little legs struggle with the tile floor or as I have to help her down the many ramps to the outside world, I can only describe my love for my puppy as what parents must feel for their children.

1. You see a dog on TV that looks like yours and you just can't take it.

2. You cannot watch any movie that even threatens the canine characters.

(I'm looking at you 101 Dalmatians)

3. Your camera roll is literally all pictures of your dogs.

4. And you have no shame in showing anyone in your general vicinity all of said pictures.

5. You casually work your dogs into every conversation.

"You had a nice weekend? Me too! I taught my dog this new trick! Let me show you the video!"

6. You kiss your dog goodnight every night, and physically miss them if they don't sleep with you.

I know she's downstairs in her crate, but I just miss her!

7. When you leave for or come home from school, they have to wriggle away from your suffocating hugs.

8. Your plans revolve around your dog's bathroom schedule.

9. You take her into account in any decision making process.

10. You feel unbearably guilty when you go on vacation.

What if she thinks we're never coming back? What if she thinks we don't lover her anymore? I love you puppy! Can you hear my telepathic messages?!