10 Random Acts of Kindness to Do This Summer

You know those days when it feels like everything sucks, but all of a sudden something goes right because someone gave you a reason to smile? Be that someone. Here are some easy ways to pass it on!  

  1. Pay for the person behind you in line

  2. Donate some old clothes! Or unused schools supplies

  3. Give your server or busboy a particularly large tip

  4. Head down to the local shelter and cuddle some dogs

  5. Leave some motivation sticky notes around for others to find

  6. Give a child a favorite book of yours

  7. Head down to the retirement home for morning coffee with some cute old folk

  8. Send a family member/friend a handwritten letter, complete with postage and everything

  9. Compliment a stranger on an internal quality

  10. Buy an extra warm meal for someone who may not have had one in days  

Here's to hoping you get to add a bit of sunshine to someone's day!