Writing to Think Less

Each and every day, we go through experiences that might be hard for us to comprehend or come in contact with emotions that puzzle us. The more fortunate people in society might not be phased with these experiences and might be able to move on with ease. However, there are many others who have an extremely difficult time with this, because all they feel as if they can do is overthink. Overanalyzing causes stress and clogs the pathways of the mind, making it hard to move on or even just think clearly. Don’t worry over-thinkers, you're not alone. Although your tendency to overthink might never go away totally, there is a very easy way that is known to relieve stress and stop that overthinking. 

 From personal experience, I've found that writing and putting those overthought concepts in one's mind down on paper can help free the mind. I've come to know that sometimes all you need to move on from a relationship is to write down every little thing you wish you said, or the things you couldn’t bring yourself to say out loud. There might be times when all you can find yourself doing is replaying every last memory you have with a person in your mind. You even might end up changing the story in your dreams, letting your partner say those things that would've made you stay. This obviously tends to get in the way when all of your friends are telling you to move on, and you know you have to. Recently, I've found this aforementioned overthinking detrimental, and writing about my past experiences has definitely helped relieve the tension in my mind. 

When starting to write down those first words on a blank sheet of paper, it is important to remember that there are no rules. This is not an assignment for a class. There is no grade. It doesn’t even have to make sense, because most things don’t. It’s for you, and only you. Write about those memories you can’t stop overanalyzing in your mind. Write about what you wish would've happened. Write about your fears, or what makes you feel safe. Write about what makes you happy, sad, fall in love, absolutely heartbroken, or numb. Writing all of this down will enable these thoughts and feelings to escape your mind, and can stop the overthinking. It might even be liberating.