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Women’s Health Organizations We all Should Know About

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By: Katelyn Lam

All over the world, women are constantly facing challenges in their work, social, home and personal life. It can be hard to open up to others around us about what we are facing in fear of looking weak or uneducated. As well, it is challenging to know where to turn when dealing with these difficult obstacles. Even if you are not currently facing these issues, it is always important to be up to date with how you can benefit your health and even improve the lives of other women by donating. 

Women for Women International

Women for Women International gives female survivors of war and conflict the social and economic tools to transform their life. This program is dedicated to providing them with skills, knowledge and resources to create sustainable change for themselves, their families and their communities. This organization is so important because they have been using as many resources as possible to help, especially in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, an estimated 47 million women and girls have been pushed into deeper poverty. Women for Women International has options for a one-time donation or even a monthly donation. Hold off on the $50 Zara jeans that will be thrown out in a few years and donate $50 to help change a woman’s life. This amazing organization has been able to change the lives of 531,498 women survivors and has even been able to reach out to 14 conflict-affected countries. Their vision is to create a world where all women will be able to decide what they want to do with their lives and to be able to truly reach their full potential. 

Healthy Women

The organization, Healthy Women, is a great resource for sharing your story, reading what others have gone through, mental health, COVID-19, contraceptive access, military women’s health and more. One of their main focuses, “Real Women, Real Stories,” is a place where you can read about something you are facing or something you want to become more informed about. Topics such as plastic surgery, menopause, caregiving, cancer support, HIV, ADHD and more are openly discussed and all of the stories are by women sharing their personal experiences. This resource is amazing because it is not just a pile of facts, numbers and graphs, but an inside look at someone’s life. These articles are written by women of all ages and help normalize what you or someone you know is going through. As well, there is so much information on wellness, insurance information and the effects of the environment. This is a great site to help yourself stay in touch with current events and an organization that all women should know about. 

National Partnership

National Partnership is dedicated to improving the lives of women and families. This non-profit organization is working to change policy and culture now and in the future. Not only do they have mission goals, but they post their current issue focus to show the public what they are working on at the present moment. Currently, in the work environment they are focusing on gender and racial equality, paid medical leave, equal pay, prevention of sexual harassment, fairness for pregnant workers and fair scheduling. In the health world, they are improving access to maternal health and affordable, quality health care that will meet the needs of women and families. These issues are so important and relevant to today’s society because as a woman we can be overlooked and treated differently, especially in the working world. Most women have experienced this bias at least once in their lives and National Partnership is fighting this to change the lives of women today and in future generations. They pride themselves in having a strong team and values that will help them fulfill this mission.  We too can help them succeed, they have many ways we can help such as attending their open annual event or something as small as a $5 donation.

Katelyn Lam

Manhattan '24

Hi there! My name is Katelyn Lam, I am a junior here at Manhattan College. I am from Maryland and currently majoring in Marketing. I am passionate about food, my kitty Mochi, exploring the city and the importance of mental health. I look forward to being in a group with talented females and being able to use Her Campus as an informational and creative outlet!