Why Heartbreak In College Is the Worst

We’ve all been in a situation where the person we’re in a relationship with has decided they don’t want it anymore. They want to be single, they’ve lost feelings, or they want to spend their Saturdays with the boys, but where does that leave you exactly? Some possible answers include crying on your couch with a tub of ice cream, venting to your best friends all night, or being in denial.

We all enter college wanting to be single and free from any relationships that could possibly hold us back. Our friends are going out every weekend and we don’t want to miss out on that fun, but relationships always happen when we least expect it. When it does happen, it turns out to feel like a fairy tale, and you become happier than you thought you could ever be. This person becomes your second half and you believe this can last forever.

When a heartbreak occurs you feel like your world came crashing down, and the days after almost feel like an out of body experience. You question yourself, feel miserable, and wish you can turn back time to change the outcome, all while still balancing your classes. You sit through lecture not paying attention because the other person is on your mind the entire time, or you lie awake at night because your hoping they would just text you. You’re friends check on you and make sure you’re okay but you don’t want to seem like the “Debby Downer” and constantly talk about your relationship problems.

As hard as it is dealing with a heartbreak in college you have to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. College is suppose to be a time for having fun, being youthful, and making mistakes. Heartbreak is one thing we all may experience in our lives, but it is how we grow from it and the person we become after. Taking what you’ve learned from this experience and using it is a big part of growing up.