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What’s Your #MahaMoment?

Susan Dinneny, a Fifth Grade teacher at Cheesequake Elementary in Old Bridge, New Jersey for 25 years, started out making granola for her family and friends as small gifts and party favors. After so many raving reviews, she turned her passion for healthy eating at home into something for the public. And so, Maha Granola was born in October of 2015. In fact, the word Maha means “great”, “abundant”, “strong”, and “mighty” in Sanskrit.

Maha is a bonafide local, family run product that is 100% invested in the communities it serves. Mrs. Dinneny is mother to three of our very own Manhattan Jaspers who help her run the company. Seniors Mallory Dinneny and Hannah McCarthy (both Marketing and Management) run the front-end of the business while John Dinneny ‘14 (Finance) crunches the numbers. They are also joined by William Dinneny ‘19 (Finance) as an intern.

So where can I try some Maha? Maha is on shelves at Lavoti’s Italian Market in Aberdeen, NJ; Madison Deli in Old Bridge, NJ; and Stangl Farmer’s Market in Flemington, NJ. It will also be featured at the Jersey City Historic Market starting in May, and Red Bank Galleria beginning in June. Maha Granola was also featured at Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival, a weekend long event showcasing over 100 local companies, where Maha was nominated for Breakfast of Choice. Maha Granola also makes an appearance in JerseyBites.com raffle winings.

Maha Granola is gluten free, added sugar free (only honey here), and preservative free. Granola is also a good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Share your #MahaMoment on Twitter and Instagram with @maha_granola and on Facebook with Maha Premium Granola.


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