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By Casey Schellberg

By now, you have probably noticed that Air Force 1s have plagued college campuses all over the U.S. Paired with all outfits from athleisure to business casual, Air Forces quickly became the new “white shoe” in 2020. Most people went with the basic all white, yet some even painted designs, such as butterflies, over them to make them custom. However, as you might have seen on TikTok recently, the beloved Air Force 1s are on their way out…so what will be the new “white shoe?”

Platform Chuck Taylor’s

Putting a twist on the timeless classic, the platform Chuck Taylor’s are a top contender. The shoe looks the same as the iconic All Stars and comes in both high and low top. The platform bottom adds edge to the athletic style shoe, making them more compatible with classier outfits. I have been starting to see these pop up around campus and NYC lately and think they will soon become one of the top go-to white sneakers.

Air Max 90s

The closest shoe to the Air Force 1s on this list, I have been spotting Air Max 90s more recently lately. These shoes have the same street-sporty design as the AF1s, but with added cushioning due to their original design for running. If you’re looking for a more sleek and clean white shoe while still being as versatile as AF1s, the Air Max 90s are definitely a must have!

Low Blazer ‘77s

A must have staple, I just picked up a pair myself and love them! The Mid Blazer ‘77s were quite popular in the beginning of 2021 but have quickly faded. The lows however, give the classic hoops style while also having a simple, clean look and comfortable inside. These are definitely a closet-staple!

Veja V-10s

Made out of ecological and sustainable materials, the Veja V-10 takes the basic tennis shoe to the next level. This shoe reminds me of the classic Adidas Superstars, but with a designer touch. Although they are a bit on the pricey side at $150, these shoes are the perfect new everyday white shoe with their sleek design, black design on the side, and supportive sole. 

The white shoe has taken over the style of the 21st century. From Adidas Superstars to Air Force 1s, the new “white shoe” has changed over the years. Now more than ever, I have seen a more diverse selection around campus and NYC, and these are my top 4 up for the title as the “new white shoe.”

Casey Schellberg

Manhattan '23

Casey is a junior at Manhattan College majoring in Childhood Education with a concentration in math and psychology. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and exploring NYC. Casey is also a part of Manhattan’s cheerleading team and serves as an RA on campus. She is loving her new home as a Jasper at MC and cannot wait to see what the upcoming years bring!
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