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From March to August, most of us were stuck in our houses, making Tik Toks and binge-watching “Tiger King.” Once returning to school in the city, there was a sense of freedom from the four walls of your bedroom, but many restrictions still remained. As coronavirus has progressed, wearing masks and social distancing has become a priority for everyone. As a student at Manhattan College, I was constantly tempted to go into the city, but I didn’t know what options were available that were still compliant with all of the COVID regulations. Some of the places and events that I have found to be both safe and fun are… 

Central Park 

Central Park is a great option to get into NYC, while also practicing safe COVID protocols. The park is a peaceful place to spend time, have lunch, take photos, etc. It is especially beautiful during the fall as all of the trees are changing colors. 

Chelsea High Line 

Another great outdoor experience in downtown Manhattan is the High Line. This is the former New York Central Railroad that runs along the West Side of Manhattan. Walking along the high line allows you to take in its beautiful landscape, while also exercising. 

Van Cortlandt Park 

This park is in our backyard and is bigger than Central Park. There are a variety of options that Van Cortlandt offers. You can walk the trail up to the boulder, where there is a beautiful view of the cityscape, play sports on the lawn, or have a photoshoot. 

Any outdoor restaurant in the city 

Although there are restrictions on dining, you can still enjoy the city atmosphere for your meals with outdoor seating. Through the social distancing of tables and the air circulation outside, the risk of COVID is diminished, meanwhile, you still get an enjoyable NYC experience. 

These are just a few of the many opportunities you can take advantage of in NYC, while also being cautious and mindful of the pandemic. Go outside with your friends and make the most of the beautiful city in front of you! You are not alone in your desire for a return to normalcy, but we will all get through this pandemic togeth


Kaitlyn Hennig

Manhattan '23

I am in my sophomore year as a psychology major at Manhattan College.
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