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What to Carry in Your Bag: COVID-19 Edition

During the past few months, we’ve all been struggling to keep track of what to keep in our purses or bags. Many of us wonder if we’ll remember our masks when we leave the house, and sometimes we forget them. In the wake of the pandemic, there are many important essentials nowadays to bring when traveling. We need to protect ourselves and others while also having the everyday accessories that keep us going. Here’s a list of items to keep in your bag during the pandemic: 

1. A Mask or Two

Whether it be a fun, fancy cloth mask or a simple blue and white disposable one, masks are now required in most places throughout America. Wearing a mask helps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by preventing us from giving or receiving the virus to or from others around us. It is important to keep a mask or two in your bag during this time for our own health and safety. I recommend keeping two in there just in case one breaks or maybe you drop one!

2. Travel Size Hand Sanitizer

Although hand washing is very important and is the best way to get rid of harmful germs, giving yourself easy access to clean hands 24/7, without a sink in reach, is so important during this time! Keeping a hand sanitizer with you in your bag helps to eliminate germs and bacteria that may cause you to become sick. This is also important because when touching things in public places, your hand sanitizer is right there and you won’t need to worry about spreading germs even more.

3. Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are very handy when it comes to wiping your hands, seats, and handles that you may come in contact with. When wiping things down with disinfecting wipes, you eliminate any germs you may have come in contact with while also allowing sanitation. 

4. A Writing Utensil

When it comes to writing utensils, you might not think too much about them. But if you really do think about it, you use writing utensils more than you even think. Such as when filling out a receipt, writing out a check, or even just going to the post office. It is important to bring your own writing utensil because, for example, you don’t know who touched the pen before you in the post office and if they had gloves on or not. You just simply don’t know what they touched before they reached for the pen, or if the employees wiped it down before you used it.

5. Gloves

Make sure to also put a pair of gloves in your bag. This will also help when touching things in public places. The gloves will allow you to touch door handles and popularized objects without allowing harmful germs and bacteria to get onto your hands.

6. Kooty Key

The Kooty Key is a multi-purpose device that was invented when COVID-19 started. It allows you to press buttons, handle keypads, and open door handles without using your hands. It’s a very smart device to avoid touching commonly used items. 

7. Credit or Debit Card

Lastly, bring your debit or credit card with you. Place them in your wallet or even just throw it in a safe place in your bag. Some stores and restaurants still are not allowing cash when purchasing items. Most businesses don’t want to touch money and will ask you to insert your card in the machine to decrease their chances of touching things. 

I hope this list of essentials will help you pack the right items to stop the spread of the virus! Stay safe, Jaspers!


Jennifer (Jenn) Guilbeault is a Junior at Manhattan College. Jenn is a communication major with the concentration of public relations and has a minor in psychology. Jenn is also apart of the sorority on campus, Sigma Delta Tau, secretary for SoNYC, and is apart of Lotus Magazine. When Jenn is not in class or doing homework you can find her traveling, shopping, exercising, eating anything/ everything in sight, and hanging out with friends and family.
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