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Water Bottles that Motivate Hydration

Did you know you are meant to drink half your body weight in ounces in water every day! So if you’re 130 pounds, you should be drinking 65 ounces a day! Even if you didn’t know this, you know the benefits of proper hydration and how important it is to drink water. Even with incentives like clear skin and known quantities of what to drink, people still find it hard to fulfill their daily necessity!

Recently, water bottles have not only become trendy but also a fashion statement, it’s basically like carrying around another accessory. Here are the cutest water bottles on the market that will make you want to drink water and will keep you hydrated. 

  1. Quartz Water Bottle

Two health perks in one: rose quartz for its natural healing properties and water for essential hydration. These bottles can have quite a broad price range, but you can find affordable versions on the internet!

  1. Pantone Drinking Bottle

The Pantone Drinking Bottle is sleek, smooth, and stylish but not a typical choice.

  1. BKR Water Bottle

The BKR bottles are unique in the way they had a lip balm dispenser, so you can hydrate your lips too! 

  1. MemoBottle A6 Water Bottle 

With its unique shape, you probably will be the only one on campus with this water bottle.

  1. Ted Baker Water Bottle

If you like your accessories designer, this is the water bottle for you! 

  1. Corkcicle Water Bottle

Your classic stainless steel insulated water bottle, more a much sleeker shape than the basic hydro flask. 

  1. Soma Glass Water Bottle

A glass water bottle is better for the environment, and you can watch your water intake throughout the day with it.


Ciara Coyle

Manhattan '22

Ciara is a ChemE with a Concentration in Cosmetics in Manhattan College's Class of 2022. She's a millennial pink enthusiast who loves everything shopping and photography!
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