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By, Samantha Keating

If you’re on social media, chances are you see people commonly reposting a sequence of repeating numbers. These numbers are penned as “angel numbers” and they typically represent divine guidance from angels of the universe.

Angel numbers are usually found on receipts, license plate numbers, and phone numbers. Though angel numbers can include different sequences of numbers they usually have one repeating number. Popular angel numbers include:


111 typically means you need to connect with your intuition. Your life may be about to change for the better or a higher being may be instructing you to take a chance in order for a positive outcome to occur. When you see 111 you must remember to have faith and trust yourself.


This typically means that you have an important decision, conflict, or change happening in your life. 222 is a message of hope that things will work out, it usually represents hope, balance, harmony, life choices, commitment, compromise, and trust.


333 means that your call to action to the universe is coming true. When you begin to see 333 it means things are beginning to work out in the way you want them to.


My personal favorite, 444 signifies that your angels are guiding and protecting you. You are typically reaching the end of one phase of your life and getting ready to enter a new phase with angels around you to protect you. Angels are guiding you and helping you make the decisions that are best for you.


555 deals with transition and beginning to welcome change into your life. It is a friendly reminder to welcome changing your perspective and jumping into creativity and excitement.


A very unique angel number, 666 may represent a devil number in a biblical sense. But, the spiritual number 666 reminds us of refocusing. Whether it be on things that truly matter or changing perspective on what matters most. 


This angel number signifies embarking on spiritual growth. When you are beginning this journey and see 777 it means angels are guiding you to open up to different possibilities and positive change. 


888 can typically be related to relationships, showing the people you love affection and that you care for them. Seeing 888 frequently could also be angels telling you the people you surround yourself with are positive influences in your life.


Finally, 999 is associated with wisdom and maturity. When you and growing as a person or becoming close to achieving your dreams you will typically begin to see 999, and soon after good things are expected to come!

I hope that whatever angel numbers you see bring positivity and joy to your life.

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Junior at Manhattan College studying English & 5-year elementary and special education!