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Top 10 Gilmore Girls Comebacks

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come. Yes, a revival season of Gilmore Girls is, after nearly 9 years, coming to us on Netflix (#blessed). With the new season quickly approaching in November, we’re all getting nostalgic about the classic show that had us engulfed in Stars Hollow and its drama. We look back to Sookie and her antics in the kitchen. We remember the constant back and forth bickering between Lorelai and Luke over coffee and Luke’s diner. We reminisce about Rory’s loves, from Dean to Jess to Logan. We laugh when remembering Lane Kim and her crazy strict mother. But most of all, we remember the comebacks without which the show would have been 100% different (and not in the good way.)

Although the new season is reported to only have 4 episodes (what happened to 22?!), we’ll all be waiting for 12:01 on November 25th to see where Stars Hollow’s residents are 9 years after we last saw them. To prepare for the wit that awaits us in the upcoming season, let’s recap the top 10 best comebacks from the show’s first 7 seasons.

1. In S1E8 when a terrible snow storm hits Connecticut, Emily worries that the dynamic duo won’t be able to make it to their weekly dinner. Lorelai sarcastically replies

2. In S1E8 when Lorelai is sentimentally describing her love for the first snowfall of the season, Luke jokes:

3. In S2E7, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore surprise the girls by hosting a barbeque, though they expect the food to be eaten inside at the dinner table. Emily strikes:

4. In S2E22, Paris’ minions get information for her to help her win the presidential election at Chilton. As the girls dilly-dally around the facts, Paris asks:

5. In S3E17, a strong rain storm hits Yale. When a floor mate is leaving the building as Rory and Paris come in and asks if it’s raining, Paris replies:

6. In S3E4, Lorelai starts talking in a Louis Armstrong voice (because why not?), and Luke bluntly wonders:

 7. In S4E11: Kirk remarks, “You’re cruel at times, Luke.” Luke counters:

 8. If Michel isn’t your spirit animal, you’re lying to yourself. For him, everyday seems to be a grumpy Monday. In S4E20, Michel growls at Lorelai:

9. In S1E21, Michel holds back his wit and explains:

10. You know that moment when you think your joke is hilarious but no one laughs with you? In S1E21, Lane was having this “read receipt on iMessage” moment when Rory is distracted. Lane argues:

Whether you watched Gilmore Girls unfold season by season as you grew up or you binge-watched all 7 seasons in a week (or 2, if you stopped on occasion to take a quick nap here and there), the new season has you more excited than you want to admit. So get your planners out, open up the calendar on your phone, and mark November 25th with a four different highlighters and all sorts of stars and asterisks because you absolutely can’t miss this.

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