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Traveling is one of the greatest adventures that life can offer, but in today’s world traveling alone as a woman can be scary and very unpredictable. When traveling it is a great idea to plan ahead and have an idea of what you would like to do and what your main goal may be. Whether your destination is thousands of miles away or just down the road, these tips will help to protect and may even encourage you to take the trip of your dreams.

Do research

It is very important to research your destination before you make any final decisions. Nowadays, it is very easy and expected for our tourists to rate and post about their experiences at different locations online. By doing research, you can learn more about your destination, and locate areas that are safe to travel to and ones that you should avoid.

Pack essentials

No matter how many days you will be staying at your destination, it is very important to pack everything that you may need. This could be different types of clothing to go with specific weather changes, a camera, toiletries, a first aid kit, or even some extra cash. 

Keep valuables with you

Make sure that when traveling you keep all your essential and valuable items with you (this could be your license, passport, money, etc.). If you have any expensive jewelry or other valuables that you may have brought along, check to see if your hotel room has a secure safe that you could lock these items into.

Don’t trust people too quickly

When traveling, you may feel more comfortable having a buddy or may even meet a new friend along the way. Make sure you do not trust people too quickly. In unfamiliar places, there is always an added risk of someone taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and potentially harming, or robbing you. People that you meet while traveling can become friends for a lifetime but it is safer if you have a guard up until you truly know who that person is.

Prepare for the worst

It is always a good idea to never fully go into something new with huge expectations. Make sure you do have a guard up and that you are prepared for anything that may happen. Bring extra cash with you just in case and carry an ID on you at all times too just in case of emergencies. 

Make sure to remember these tips and enjoy your travels!  

Jennifer (Jenn) Guilbeault is a Junior at Manhattan College. Jenn is a communication major with the concentration of public relations and has a minor in psychology. Jenn is also apart of the sorority on campus, Sigma Delta Tau, secretary for SoNYC, and is apart of Lotus Magazine. When Jenn is not in class or doing homework you can find her traveling, shopping, exercising, eating anything/ everything in sight, and hanging out with friends and family.
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