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It’s always hard to start something new. Being a new person in an unfamiliar place, filled with thousands of strangers can be challenging. But take it from a fellow transfer student: it’s not as hard as it seems! Here are a few tips to get acclimated to your new home and find your place here at MC!

Put yourself out there

It can be intimidating but go introduce yourself to your neighbors and attend floor events that the RA’s host. Yes, it may be awkward considering most people have been here the whole year and you’re just transferring in, but everyone loves to meet the new person! When I came in second semester of my freshman year, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Also keep in mind that you’re not the only transfer student, there are more here than you think! When I came here, I became friends with a lot of transfer students who came at different times than me, and it was comforting to meet them. At your transfer orientation, go and talk to some fellow transfer students! Remember, they’re in the same boat as you, so if you see them in class or on campus, be sure to say hi. 

Join clubs

 Joining as many clubs as you can is perhaps my biggest piece of advice. When coming to college, so many people suggested I do this saying its the best way to meet people and make friends. And they were right. So go out and join any club that’s of interest to you! Regardless of what club that may be, the current members will be ecstatic to have you and grow their membership–– and don’t worry, it’s not awkward at all to join a club halfway through the year. I’m so happy and thankful I joined clubs right away when I transferred because that’s how I met some of my closests friends. 

Go for each opportunity 

This rule in my opinion should be something to live by, yet it works in the case of being a transfer student. In the grand scheme of things, life is short and goes by fast, so any opportunity that is thrown your way, take it–– who knows if that opportunity will come along again and you don’t want to regret missing it. As a transfer student, take each opportunity MC gives you! Whether that’s going on a field trip to the city or being invited to hang out with a new group of friends, take all the opportunities! Not only will it help you get acclimated to the school, but it will help you meet more people. 

Remember why you’re here

It’s natural to have doubts when first transferring here, wondering if you made the right decision. My first week here was a little tough trying to get adjusted to everything. This school is the total opposite of my last one and the way of life is just different. But remember why you left your old school and came here in the first place. 

Give it some time!

Remember that good things come with time. Things may not be perfect immediately, but give it some time, give the school a genuine chance, and trust me it’ll work out. I can honestly say that I enjoyed my first semester here and that I really liked my life at MC. But now, after completing my second semester and being back for my third, I’m having the time of my life and absolutely love MC. I now feel blessed to call this place my home!


As an avid lover of all things writing related, Christine is a born story-teller. She is a junior at Manhattan College majoring Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring NYC, binge watching The Office, or enjoying a good cup of tea. She joined Her Campus after transferring to MC and absolutely fell in love with it! She is currently the Campus Correspondent of her chapter, and hopes her articles can entertain and inspire women everywhere. After college, she plans to continue writing and hopes to publish a book one day. Be sure to check out her college lifestyle blog Christineeve.com!
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