Tips For Setting Up An Effective LinkedIn Profile

When it came to creating my LinkedIn profile, I really didn’t see the point and wasn’t sure where to start. At that point in time, I have not had as much experience or held enough jobs that made me feel as if I would be a viable candidate. However, I soon realized that comes with time and as long as you highlight your excitement to gain experience and build a network, then you are good to go. Below I have listed a few ways you can bulk up your profile whether you are an avid LinkedIn user or just starting out!

Make your summary unique to you

Writing my summary was probably the most difficult aspect of my profile to create. I was afraid of going too overboard, not including enough, or coming off as impersonal. However, after many revisions, I found that to write an effective profile, imagine you are writing a short pitch about yourself. It does not have to be very long, but make sure to include your passions, and any relevant experiences or skills that may apply to your field. Finally, I would suggest writing in third person as if someone were speaking about you. 

Avoid basic skills 

When it comes to listing your skills, you want to avoid descriptors that are basic and could apply to just about anybody. Make them specific to your experiences and previous jobs or internships you may have had. I would also include a balance of hard and soft skills. Hard skills may include word processing, excel, or proficiency in a foreign language. Soft skills are more personal to you, such as adaptable, punctual, or skilled in public speaking. If you are creating a profile for a specific job market, try to list skills applicable to that field in particular. 

Stay active

The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more your profile will be noticed. Whenever you like or share someone’s post, it appears on their profile. This is beneficial because more people beyond those you are connected with will see your name and you never know where that may lead you in prospective job opportunities. 

Keep your profile up to date and current 

Everytime you start a new internship or job, make sure to post it on your profile. Even if you attend a professional panel or conference related to your field, make a post describing the event and what you learned from it. It is also a great way to show prospective employers you are proactive in building experience and learning more about your area of interest. Even if you do not have the most experience, then make sure to highlight any involvement in clubs or leadership positions you may hold. 

Personalize your link

Personalizing your link makes your profile more easily identifiable and easy to find. It is also less of a hassle to put your own name rather than having a random sequence of letters and numbers on your business card or resume.

Overall, when you are writing your resume or creating your profile, always remember to be authentic and true to yourself; those are the kinds of people employers want to fill their positions. These are all great tips I have collected from fellow peers and mentors to present my best self in the job market, and I hope they will be just as helpful to you too.