Time Management, Finals Season, & Keeping Up

It feels like after Easter break it’s full steam ahead with every exam, presentation, and paper due within the next two weeks and then finals- which are daunting enough on their own.


1. Any free time in college is procrastination

Think about it. If you have free time in college, most likely you are procrastinating something whether it be an assignment, doing laundry, making dinner and so forth. Instead of wasting time sitting on your phone scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, use your time as productively as possible for the next two to three weeks. Your sleep and education are not as important as what the next person is doing currently. Also, if you aren't busy keeping up with other people, most likely you won't then compare yourself to them.

2. Get those Assignments done, before the grind.

At least personally, assignments can be done and dusted but studying can just keep going on. My biggest recommendation is to plan out two weeks in advance, studying little by little but get those research papers and lab reports done a week in advance. If your assignments are done a week in advance, then the week they are due along with all your exams you can solely focus on just acing those tests! If you keep up with this all year and study gradually over two weeks instead of cramming, then when finals come you would have absorbed more information when you studied it the first them and then, as a result, it means less studying for finals.

3. Tea Time

When you get to the library plan a goal time to leave whether it is 8 p.m. or 1 a.m. and once you do, turn off your phone. If anyone needs you, most likely those call and text notifications will still come through on your laptop but you won't have the urge to check Snapchat or Instagram after answering your texts. Instead of taking a phone break that can bring you into a dark hole of posts until all of the sudden 30 minutes have gone by, go have tea time. My family loves tea time which may be a cup of tea or coffee and cookies in the evening a few hours after dinner, or even a small-ish meal. Think about it, if you're going for tea time then you're getting up and walking around to leave the library, getting some brain food in you and most likely socializing with whoever accompanies you. All these pieces will bring you more peace of mind than scrolling on your phone.