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By: Mackenzie Boyce

If you’re anything like me, Bachelorette Mondays are definitely the highlight of your week. This season has been advertised with double the drama, double the romance, and double the bachelorettes. Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia have definitely taken social media by storm with this historical season. 

However, this season has definitely had its flaws. Since the producers have struggled to navigate making the necessary changes to assist two women in finding love, the audience has become frustrated with a lot of moments during these episodes. One specific issue is the constant rejection both Gabby and Rachel have faced, dealing with men playing both sides during their journey. 

All this and more was unpacked in the “Men Tell All” episode on Monday night. But, spoiler alert, the men didn’t really tell much. I find these episodes act more as a season recap than a real hot seat, but nonetheless it’s fun to watch the cast reunion. 

Many of the season’s most heartbreaking moments, such as Tyler and Nate’s breakups, were highlighted through the men’s perspectives. Thankfully both men respected Gabby and Rachel’s decisions, and there was no bad blood amongst the cast. However, the tarnished relationships definitely still exist, with both Hayden and Chris, two of this season’s main drama starters, not showing up to the event at all. 

The most important part of this “men tell all” is the speculation about who could be the next bachelor. While it still could be one of the remaining men, it clearly seems like Johnny and Jason are not ready for an engagement, removing them from the possibility if they do not end up with Gabby. Many fans speculate that Nate will be the next bachelor based on the constant spotlight on him during this episode. Nate was definitely a fan favorite this season, only leaving because of the unfortunate “right person wrong time” situation. Only two men were put into the hot seat, one being Logan, who will appear on Bachelor In Pardise this season, and the other being Nate, who the audience and cast seemed to show a lot of love towards. 

In the upcoming weeks I can’t wait to see who Gabby and Rachel end up engaged to. With fantasy suites and family meetings still to come, we can’t be sure about how this season will end. The main questions I have after this episode are: who will end up engaged and who will be the next bachelor?

Mackenzie Boyce

Manhattan '24

Mackenzie is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at Manhattan, and loves being able to read and edit the chapter’s articles before they are published. Mackenzie is a senior at Manhattan College studying childhood and special education with concentrations in English and French. She is originally from Connecticut but loves having the opportunity to live in NYC for school. Mackenzie is also a member of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau on campus. She is also part of the education honors society, Kappa Delta Pi, and French honors society, Pi Delta Phi. She is also an admissions ambassador and can be spotted around campus giving tours to incoming students. She is also currently completing her student teaching this semester in fifth and first-grade classrooms at a local Bronx elementary school. Mackenzie loves having the ability to use writing as an outlet, whether that means writing about fashion, music, pop culture, or mental health. She is so thankful to have found a home with Her Campus at Manhattan and hopes anyone reading can gain knowledge or inspiration from her work.