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Getting matching tattoos is like a rite of passage in a friendship. It is a perfect way to symbolize the idea of being “best friends forever.” My advice is never to get matching tattoos with someone impulsively. But, if you are confident in your relationship with this person, there are plenty of ways to represent your love and appreciation for one another in the form of permanent art.

A simple yet meaningful idea is drawing each other hearts and getting them tattooed. You could also do this with any symbol that you like or that represents your friendship, like flames as in twin flames, a sun and a moon, something that represents where you met or a common interest, etc. That way, you’ll have a tattoo that was drawn by your best friend.

If you and your friend are fans of Taylor Swift, you can get a Moon and Saturn tattoo inspired by the lyrics of her song, “Seven.” There are plenty of Taylor Swift lyrics that can be turned into matching tattoos, like “…two paper airplanes flying” from “Out of the Woods,” or a bow and arrow to represent her song “The Archer.” You could even get correlating lyrics tattooed if you want something written instead of an image or symbol. 

There are more subtle designs that don’t exactly match. That way, it is two different tattoos, but both represent the same thing. You could get each other’s birth flowers tattooed, or correlating objects like a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, an ocean wave and a surfboard or seashell, and other things that are meaningful to your friendship. 

There are plenty of ideas out there on Pinterest and TikTok, just make sure you get permission from the artist before getting one of their designs tattooed!

Valentina Grgin

Manhattan '25

I am a junior at Manhattan College studying English and Communication!