Super Cute and Inexpensive Gifts For Your Little

Big/little season is here ladies!! (Or if you go to school in the South, it happened a while ago... LOL) If you don’t know what big/little is, it’s a part of the college sorority life. Basically, when you are a new member of a sorority, you are paired up with a secret older sister. For three days, your secret sister comes to your room and showers you with gifts, and leaves little hints about who they are. 

On the fourth day, you go to reveal and find out who your big sister is! This past week, in my sorority, we had our big/little week and I got to welcome my new little, Anna! Although it’s fun being a big, it can also get VERY expensive. So here’s a few cute ideas to not blow your budget during big/little week!

Canvas’/Sorority Letters: Canvas’ and wooden letters are pretty cheap, and when you paint them by yourself, you save a lot of money. You can get really creative and paint with your little’s favorite colors or designs, or your sorority’s symbols. The best part is you really don’t have to be super artistic! (Trust me- I’m not)

Old T-Shirts: When you’re in a sorority, you get so many, and I mean, SO MANY t-shirts. I don’t use half the t-shirts that I got from my sorority, so I decided to give them to my little. You can even personalize it by doing something fun like tye-dying it!

Candy: I got my little a TON of her favorite candy. It’s super cheap and you can buy a lot of it! Amazon is a great place to get huge amounts of candy- they sell wholesale bags for almost half the price!

Face Masks and Nail Polish: Another great way for her to relax and spoil herself! Also, this is a great thing to have to have a sister bonding night!

Picture Frame: Easy to decorate, and great for your first picture together at reveal! She will treasure this forever!