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Staying On Top of Assignments Made Easy

At one point or another, we all have faced the burden of procrastination and letting our assignments pile up until the last minute. I don’t know about you, but this isn’t a fun time for me and I like to avoid it as much as possible. Like many of you, I had to learn the hard way what not to do if I did not want to feel miserable under constant stress and pressure. I hope these tips I have developed over the last year can help you out this semester and those to come!

Get organized

Whether you prefer writing lists, keeping a planner, or like using google calendar, you need to get organized. As the semester goes on, more work is going to be assigned and you should have an efficient way to keep track of everything. It is the worst feeling to realize the night before a big assignment is due that you completely forgot about it. To avoid any such situation, find a method of keeping track of your assignments that works best for you. Trust me, the sooner you turn this into a habit, the easier life will be. 


Get it done as soon as it is assigned

Procrastination is a struggle that all college students face and cannot seem to help. Some people say working under pressure is how they are able to get their assignments done, but I know that does not work for me. In order to stay on top of my work, I make sure to get started on it as soon as it is assigned. Any time I have a break between classes or a few hours in the morning, I make sure I am working. When you are able to spread it out throughout the day, you avoid having to sit in one spot for 5 hours trying to get everything done at once. 


Work ahead of time

Believe it or not, professors hand out a syllabus at the beginning of the semester for a reason. Although we are all guilty of letting it get lost somewhere among our stack of papers, they really can be of use. A syllabus not only provides an overview of the course, but it gives students an idea of what to expect throughout the semester. With this, you are able to better prepare yourself for upcoming assignments and won’t be totally caught by surprise. When you get it done ahead of time, you free up more time for yourself and won’t be as overwhelmed with everything else you need to get done. 


Form study groups

If you know you are going to have a difficult time in a particular class, don’t be afraid to reach out to your classmates. If you are struggling, you’re probably not the only one. Some of your classmates would most likely be more than willing to get together to go over and work through assignments. This not only reduces the amount of stress of doing it all yourself, but it is also a great way to get to know people. Maybe they will only be class friends, but it doesn’t hurt to have more familiar faces on campus. 


Get to know your professors

Before leaving for college, one piece of advice I received repeatedly was to get to know my professors. It may not do so much with getting your assignments done, but a solid relationship with your professors never hurt anyone. When a professor gets to know your name and face, they not only get to know you, but what kind of student you are. Your professor will most likely give you more time on an assignment when needed or let it slide when you don’t get a paper submitted on time. I’m in no way  saying you should exploit your professors like this, but when you really need it, it’s a relief when they come through for you.


Jana Clark

Manhattan '22

Jana Clark is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Communication with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her passions include writing, photography, and health/nutrition! One day she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization where she can be part of the effort to end the marginalization of vulnerable communities and fight for social justice. You can often find Jana volunteering, at the gym, or exploring different parts of the Big Apple.
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