Staying Motivated During Spring

It is no surprise that the last thing a college student wants to do when it is warm out is study. However, the spring season means that finals season is approaching as well, a time when studying is one of the most important things to do. By being someone who loves to spend time outside and deals with the stress of finals season, I have learned a few tricks to mastering this struggle.  

First of all, it is important to realize that the warm weather is just beginning. After finals comes summer, filled with even warmer weather and beach days. Therefore, it might be helpful to think of the summer as a reward for those days or nights spent in the library.


Additionally, when finishing those end of the year assignments, it is necessary to take breaks. If it is nice out, take a break and walk outside. By taking a break to walk outside and feeling the sun on your skin, you might find yourself re-energized when returning to your studies.


Another idea could be to study with friends. By studying with friends who are equally motivated, you might end up encouraging each other to finish strong. You can always find somewhere to sit outside and study.


Although you might not be partying with your friends, you can still enjoy the nice weather while studying. It is so challenging to have the motivation to study when it’s nice out, but the warm weather will feel even better when you get your grades from the semester back, which will be great because you studied!