The Stages of Deciding to go to Class or Quad Instead

It's that time of year again. It's almost time for finals, the seniors are getting ready to gradauate and the Quad is starting to look pretty damn good. You have class in 20 minutes, but your friends just broke out the Quadding blanket and are now posted up under a tree. It's time. You have TWO choices. To Quad, or to Class? That is the question.

1. Wow, it's so nice out

2. Man, too bad I have to go to class

3. Well, I don't HAVE to go to class

4. I DO only have 2 skips... I just can't go over 3....

5. But it's only 50 minutes... I can tough it through

6. SHIT someone broke out the Kan Jam

7. Screw it, not going.

8. You only have 4 years of college, get all the Quadding you can out of it.