SNAPSHOT: Her Campus Survival Kit!

Without fail, the Her Campus Finals Survival Kit always arrives when we most need it. It's no secret that during Finals Week (and really the two weeks that lead up to it) that we tend to forgo taking care of our body -- both inside and out. I mean, think about it: When you're on hour eight in O'Malley Library, the only thing that's on your mind - other than the immense stress your history paper is causing you - is when you're going to be going to sleep next. You're not thinking about the next time you can pamper yourself with a cup of hot tea, a face mask or really the next time you can treat yourself to new makeup.

Thanks to Her Campus' Survival Kit, they really streamlined the process for you. You don't even have to leave the library anymore -- everything you'll ever need literally arrives on your doorstep. 

In short, the next time you feel your skin drying out or if you want to take a study break and play with some makeup, the Her Campus Survival Kit is there for you. Try out a new mascara from Rimmel London while drinking some delicious tea from Yogi. When you're all done with that, sample one of the three face masks that they sent over, which all smell amazing and work wonders in only 25 minutes.

Finals week isn't that bad!