SNAPSHOT: Her Campus Fall Survival Kit!

Sometimes sitting around your dorm room or apartment doing absolutely nothing (or maybe watching the seventeenth episode in a row of some bizarre Netflix documentary) is not nearly stress-relieving enough. Sometimes you need some self-love, some pampering and something easy and funny to read. Thanks to Her Campus, Her Campus at Manhattan College writers got exactly that in a box.

As a senior who is preparing to graduate early this December, I rarely have time to think about new makeup, my skin or this season's fall lip colors. Thanks to Maybelline, Revlon and Freeman, I can take care of it all without putting on pants or leaving my apartment. Trust me, you know no truer liberation (or more glaring sign of "I-Don't-Care-Anymore-Itis") until you have opened your apartment door with a bright green avocado & oatmeal clay mask on to a bunch of strangers. 

Whenever I need to take a break from learing about different media types and different buying strategies, I can easily open up Sarah Andersen's book, Adulthood Is A Myth, and forget about my pressing responsibilities for a hot second. The book itself is wonderful and hilarious. Given that I am not wholly looking forward to "becoming" an adult in the next month and a half, it is good to know that the whole adulthood thing actually is a myth -- and that I am not alone. 

Thanks, Her Campus!