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Look at this beauty. In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t follow any food Instagrams, this is the new phenomenon called “rolled ice cream.” There are ice cream shops all over NYC that do rolled ice cream, but my personal favorite is I.CE.NY, located near NYU at 101 Macdougal Street. It’s a tiny little shop, practically a hole-in-the-wall or blink-and-you-might-miss-it location, but extremely and totally worth it. They have two options: make your own or choose a pre-made concoction. When you make your own, you choose from a cream base then a mix-in ingredient, a topping, and a sauce if you want one. I decided to be adventurous this time and get a ‘Thai Iced Tea’ cream, raspberry mix-ins and strawberry topping, no sauce. It was SO good. With the pre-made choices, they had ones with all cookies or all berries or a bit of everything. The coolest part (pardon the pun) was watching them make it on their cold plates. As they mix the cream around, it freezes so they can smooth it into a sheet. They start rolling it up, a bit like a snow plow would, and place them in your cup! Even though it’s getting colder out, that is not a good enough excuse to go check out the amazing rolled ice cream of I.CE.NY. 

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