'Sex and The City' Fabulous Life Lessons from Carrie Bradshaw

A television character that has taught us many wonderful fabulous life and style lessons is Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City wasn’t just a show- it was our bible on love, life, friendships and shoes. Actress, shoe designer, and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker who brought the fictional character to life is now entering the field of fine jewelry by designing a collection collaboration with London’s Kat Florence. In honor of her success, here we take a trip down on memory lane and review the greatest style lessons Bradshaw has taught us all.


The right bag can make an outfit.

“Balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag, but we’d feel naked in public without it.” Season 4 Ep. 10

Bradshaw teaches us that to make any outfit all you need is the right bag (and the right shoes). A woman’s purse is their home away from home. We carry everything in there and since we do carry it everywhere, why not have a cute one that elevates any outfit?


 The power of the nineties slip dress has never been this important.

“’Interesting dress.’ ‘Meaning?’ ‘Interesting dress.’” Season 1 Ep. 06

Ladies, the ‘90s are back. Not only are chokers and flannels back in style but most importantly…the slip dress. Carrie shows us in episode The Naked Dress just how much power the slip dress has.


Your wardrobe counts as a liquid asset.

“I want my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my closet.” Season 6 Ep. 01

Buy the dress. I promise you will not regret it.


Don’t mock the clothes. Ever. Especially if it’s a Robert Cavalli fringed and shredded top.

“Don’t do that. Don’t mock the clothes.” Season 4 Ep. 13

One life lesson that we can get from this is that we should not judge anyone’s personal style choices. Anyone can wear whatever and whenever they want and we should not shame them for that.


Running to a sale counts as exercise.

“Shopping is my cardio.” Season 4 Ep.06

This fabulous lesson is confirming the idea that: yes, shopping can count as exercise.


Friends are forever, and friendships are to be treasured.

“And finally, the most important break up rule: no matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never go through it, without your friends." Season 2 Ep. 01

Friends are the most important relationships in your life. They will be there for you and will help you get through anything.


Head scarves: okay. Scrunchies: not okay.

“I loved it…Except for one huge problem. You have your leading lady running all over town wearing a scrunchie. A scrunchie!” Season 6 Ep. 04

The most basic life lesson: if you are not living in the eighties or the age of 10 and below then scrunchies are off-limits.


Never apologize for unconventional outfit choices.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else has a problem with it.” Season 3 Ep. 05

As mentioned above but should be repeated: wear whatever you want to wear. Do not change or tailor yourself just because someone has a problem with it.