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Rushing a Sorority: Do’s and Dont’s

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By Emily Gianni

Rushing a sorority is an exciting time because you are joining a lifelong sisterhood. You may be nervous for rush week, unsure of how to act, what to wear, or what to expect.  I know when I rushed, I experienced all of the confused feelings about what to do during rush week.

Do: Be yourself. Everyone just wants to get to know the real you. You are unique and you were meant to stand out.

Don’t: Wait for members to reach out to you. If you are interested or even want to learn more about the sorority, it would be beneficial to reach out to anyone you know in the sorority. Just by putting yourself out there, the sorority will know you are showing a lot of interest in joining the sisterhood.

Do: Meet everyone you can. Be outgoing and talk to as many girls as possible; during rush, you definitely will.

Don’t: Bad mouth anyone. Talking bad about others during rush does not give you a good reputation. Avoid talking about others in a negative manner. If you have nothing nice to say, it’s better you just keep your opinions to yourself. You should also not talk bad about yourself. You want to keep everything you say positive about yourself: show the members why you belong in the sorority.

Do: Show up to rush week even if you are unsure if you really want to be a part of the sorority.  During rush week, you will realize if the sorority really is the place for you or not. You may end up liking the sorority and the environment way more than you thought you would have, or vice versa.

Don’t: Ignore the dress code. The dress code is in place for a reason. Some nights you dress up just for fun. This allows your personality to come out a little bit more so you can express yourself.  Other nights are purposely more formal and you do not want to be underdressed for these events.

Do: Put yourself out there as much as you can. The more you put into the sorority, the more you will get out of it. Even after you get inducted, it will be a little easier to pick your perfect big.  Also, when you meet more people in the sorority, it will be an easier transition into the sorority.

Don’t: Be afraid to participate in the activities. Everyone in the sorority wants to see you involved in the activities. During these games or questions, your personality will shine through, as long as you are yourself.

Do: Ask questions. You want to make sure the sorority you are rushing is the right fit for you.  You may want to know what you can get out of joining the group of girls, requirements when you are in the sorority, the price of the sorority, etc. Asking questions is not a scary thing to do, you just want to get to know more about the organization you are joining before you join it.

Don’t: Forget to have fun. You only rush a sorority once and it is such a unique experience. You meet so many girls who can connect you to different experiences and give you new friendships.

Emily Gianni

Manhattan '24

Manhattan College student 2024. Studying special education with a concentration in English.
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