Post Grad Options That Aren’t A Traditional Job

This year and last year have been really tough for college grads because of the pandemic. Many workplaces have had hiring freezes, the economy isn’t great, and the vaccine rollout is slow. It’s ultimately a lot harder to get a job than many of the classes before us. There is so much uncertainty, you might be wondering what to do or where you’ll end up if you can’t get a job after graduation. You also might just not want to enter the “real world” and start working right away. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to just be sitting at home and feeling stuck and lost. So here are some options if you’re thinking about an alternative for after graduation:

Grad School

This might seem like an obvious answer, but if you want to keep going with your education and your field of choice needs it, it might be a perfect time to start grad school and get that master's degree!! However, don’t go to grad school because you feel like you “have to.” Make sure it will be for the right reasons and will be worth your investments, but it’s definitely a strong option for many career paths!!

Volunteer or Peace Corp

Volunteering in another city or country is ultimately going to be a life-changing experience. You will be using your time to do good for the world and grow so much for the experience, and will look great on your resume!! There are many different program options to choose from such as the Red Cross or AmeriCorp.

Teach or Be A Nanny in Another Country

Similar to volunteering, but a more niche sector. There are many classes available to teach English to students in another country. And if you want to work with only a few kids, be a nanny!! You typically get free housing with the family you’re staying with. It’s another option to give you a worldly experience!!

Work at a National Park or Be a Tour Guide

Hopefully, when Covid calms down and comes closer to an end, this will be more of an option. A lot of national parks and tourist cities want to hire tour guides. This is a super fun job where you will be in a great area with like-minded people, and you will learn so much, including great presentation skills and knowledge.

Graduation can bring forth a fresh start, but also can be a stressful time as there is pressure to know what to do next. Remember you're not alone and there are plenty of options other than a traditional job!