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An Open Letter to Snow

Dear Snow,

You are the hottest thing since our moms invited that one hot neighbor to the family barbecue. We love having you visit because looking at you is our favorite past time. We have to be honest though – we love you the most when we’re at school. If just enough snow comes down on a school night, we don’t have to get dressed up (because what if we run into that one hottie on the way to class?). Herein lies my problem with you Mr. Snow: this past week you have decided to let loose your most hated child, snowy rain. 

Guess what! School is most definitely still on. Guess what else! The walk from Overlook (OV) sucks. Before I leave my room, I have to prepare as if I were walking into the Arctic Tundra itself. Now I see that you might be coming for us next week. So all I beg of you is to please STICK AND STAY. I want to see five feet on the groun, and an email cancelling all my classes. Snow, please come quick! I want to build a snowman!


Manhattan College

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