New Tracks For Your Auditory Pleasure

My bank account: Ho, don’t do it.

Me: [preorders more albums, buys more songs off of Amazon]

My bank account: Oh, my god.

You know what’s great about the spring time? Forget about the snow melting, the temperature breaking fifty degrees and actual color to be seen outside—let’s talk about music.

Surprise! Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Recently, nearly any time I log into Twitter, Facebook, whatever, I am bombarded with “New release from <insert name here>” messages. It’s been overwhelming, but guess what, I shouldered the heart palpitations and dramatic falls to the floor for you.

Saved you a bunch of bruises, you're welcome.

Regardless, what better way to bring in the second half of the spring semester than with a brand new playlist of even newer music? You need to feel like a badass while walking to that dreaded exam? I got you covered. Are you feeling sentimental and emotional? Stop crying, I got you. You just need a tune to get your through the day?

Need I say it again?

This playlist consists of songs released in either February or March of 2015. You can’t get a playlist of fresher song picks unless you suddenly decided to make a band and write a debut album yourself.

Which would be pretty damn cool. Do that.

“Psycho” by Muse, to be released on their new album, Drones. (June 8th, 2015).

The only reason, the only reason, I haven’t preordered this freakin’ album already is because I have big dreams of purchasing it when I’m abroad in Italy. I’ve planned it all out in my head: I’m going to storm to the nearest record store and demand it.

I’ll probably end up accidentally demanding stromboli.

Muse is a band of three friends who got together in high school. They’ve been rocking out that long. “Psycho” is a heavy rock song that is loaded with bluesy bass and killer guitar riffs. It’s an angry song; there’s no getting around it. But damn, if you don’t injure your neck whilst headbanging to this song, well, you aren’t listening to it right.

“Ricochet” by Strange Names, to be released on their debut album, Use Your Time Wisely. (May 19th, 2015).

I was driving back to my house when I first heard this song on the radio and I actually had to pull over on the side of the road because this song is that good. This track, if it isn’t your spring jam, is going to be the song of your summer. With a catchy hook and an infectious clap in the back, there is nothing not to like about this song. Where is the melody, you may ask?

Listen to the damn bass, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you guys.

“Take My Side” by Will Butler, off of his debut record, Policy.

Will Butler is a brother to Win Butler, the lead singer of Arcade Fire. He is also a member of that incredibly large, incredibly talented group. Not that I had to find a reason for his talent, I just think it’s a good fact to know.

You know, for all the exams you’re going to have on indie musicians that (likely) no one has heard about.

I’ll be moving to Williamsburg, now. Bye!

When listening to this song, think early rock and roll. “Take My Side” is a track that will make even the shyest wallflower want to hit the floor. Like with a lot of shoulder movement, head-shaking and tomorrow-morning regret sort of dancing. Just pure, unadulterated fun.

“Tomorrow” by A Silent Film, to be released on their EP, New Year. (April 21st, 2015).

If you like anthemic songs that feature synthesizers and heavy drums, well, boy, oh, boy, do I have the song for you. A Silent Film, a band based in Oxford, England, is a group that crafts awe-inspiring tracks that make you want to tear your hair out. They make songwriting seem so effortless while most of us are lying on the floor, surrounded by several hundred paper drafts.

Okay, I’m being somewhat dramatic.

Calling all ye procrastinators! This chorus is for you: “Pray for a chance to prove yourself tomorrow.” A hope that perhaps your professor will be easy on you and not mark your paper down several half-steps because it’s still not handed in! Woo!

“Baby Haim” by Cold Fronts.

Cold Fronts opened up for (featured next in the list) The Cribs last Friday at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. They’re a band that gives me hope for the future. They’re having fun with the music they’ve created and they don’t take themselves too seriously. A love song written for the youngest sister of the band Haim, “Baby Haim” will make you wish it was ten thousand times longer than it is (one minute and thirty-five seconds.)

It’s a scrappy, punk love song that just makes you want to dance. You’ll have the lyrics down in no time.


“Different Angle” by The Cribs, off of their record, For All My Sisters.

What makes me so excited about For All My Sisters is that it is the original The Cribs coming back whether you like it or not (remember “Our Bovine Public”?) The guitar doesn’t ease you into the track, it’s upfront, telling you exactly how it’s going to be. It’s paired interestingly with lyrics that suggest that the speaker is experiencing some serious self-reflection and social-vulnerability.

Most importantly, the chorus is the catchiest thing I’ve heard in my entire life. The best chorus is a simple chorus, let me tell you. Find me on campus singing along, poorly and out-of-tune.

“Waiting For Your Lover” by Citizens!, off of their new album, European Soul. (April 13th, 2015).

The ! at the end of their name is very important, for the love of all things good, DO NOT FORGET IT. I’m just so glad these guys are back; it feels like it’s been fifty years since they’ve released something. In short, it’s been way. too. long.

It’s probably inappropriate of me to shove this down your throat every article, but, going to do it anyway.

Guess what guys? THE 80S ARE BACK.

With bursts of strings popping in and out of the track, “Waiting For Your Lover” is reminiscent of not only the 80s, but 70s disco as well. If you just need to dance the feelings away, forever, this track is perfect for you. It’s the perfect pop song that will not quit until you love it to pieces.

Just take my recommendation. That’s what you’re here for, right?

“Get Low” by Stornoway, to be released on their new record, Bonxie. (April 13th, 2015).

Stornoway is a band that isn’t afraid to play around with music genres and various instruments. Regardless, “Get Low” is a great folk-pop song that repeats the lyrics “Keep dreaming / Dream high” if you needed any inspiration for this week.

The track does not beg for your attention. It does not demand that you drop everything and listen to it. It is a song that asks you to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it for what it is, nothing more.

“Do You Ever” by Nic Hessler, off of his debut record, Soft Connections.

Sometimes, you just need some jazzy chords, a whining voice and simple drums to get you through the day. “Do You Ever” meets the requirements of that exact description.

And I think, given where we all stand in the middle of the semester, the chorus, “I’d rather not think at all / …I’d rather not speak at all” is rather appropriate.


“Can’t Deny My Love” by Brandon Flowers, to be released on his record, The Desired Effect. (May 19th, 2015).

Guys, guys, GUYS. My boyfriend is back with an amazing single! It’s only been five years since he’s released something as a solo artist!

Biased? Of course not.


Who gave you the right to look like this!?

“Can’t Deny My Love” is a song that is overflowing with The Killers’ epic nature, but with the emotional-vulnerability of Brandon Flowers. It’s the perfect blend of “my ego is huge (but for good reasons)” and “pls don’t look at me”.

In short, you’re looking at the song that will be stuck in your head for the rest of your damn life.