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New Fashion Trends Begin to Bloom at Start of Spring

Spring will be greeted with open arms this year as the ‘Dark Winter,’ as President Biden called it, finally comes to an end. After what felt like an eternity of snow, wind, and rain, the last piles of ice are finally melting away to make room for pink and yellow flower buds. With each season, old trends get put away to make room for exciting new styles. This spring welcomes the comfort and relief we all need after the rise in COVID cases this past winter. Listed are five style trends likely to excel this spring.


More specifically, maxi dresses. Long dresses with wide bases, made of cotton or silk material are perfect for walking through the park or going to the beach. Functional in a way that allows women to go from outside to inside without having to change. The outfit practically creates itself, as any dress can be paired with a cardigan and sandals without much thought or hassle.  


One popular trend that has sprung up in the wake of spring, which you may have seen from influencers like Emma Chamberlain, is the chunky ring. This style has already received widespread popularity and can be found in stores all over Manhattan. There are some brands that sell these rings for high prices, however, Etsy is a great place to look for cheaper alternatives. 

Criss Cross Halter Top

The perfect top for spring as it can be used as a last-minute bikini top if need-be but is also perfect for going out; it also arguably works on all body types.  

Golf Skirts (again)

This is a trend that comes and goes with the change in weather. However, I would argue that the white golf skirt is still a must-have staple piece for spring; it makes any outfit cute and fun and can take you from indoors to outdoors without an outfit change. 

Flare Pants

This is one of my favorite trends right now. Everywhere you look, people are seen strutting flare pants, each with different and unique patterns. Acting as a 2021 version of yoga pants, these stylish bottoms work for any outfit in practically any situation. Though I would argue that most of these pants require a pair of platform shoes or heels because of their long length that gets them easily scuffed. 

Adrianne Hutto

Manhattan '24

Freshman Communications Major at Manhattan College in the Bronx.
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