My Thoughts on the Capitol Riots

The way I see it, the attack on the Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021, should be an eye-opener for the American public. It further reveals the flaws in our system and highlights how marginalized people of color are in our country.   

For those unaware of the event or who might not have heard certain details, earlier this month, a rally of pro-Trump protesters showed up to the Capitol building, encouraged by Trump, on the day that Joe Biden was meant to be certified as the president-elect. The crowd slowly increased and became a full-scale riot, which pushed through the police barricade and into the building. Quickly photos of rioters inside the Capitol surfaced. There were rioters inside Nancy Pelosi’s office, who opened and took photos of her mail. There were also images of rioters and Capitol police taking photos together. There were people in that building that feared for their lives and even lost their lives because American citizens refused to accept the results of a fair and free election.

The attack has been juxtaposed with the racial equality protests that took place this past summer. The Capitol police’s reaction to the violence reveals the extent of the racial divide in the United States. Despite pushing back the barricade protecting lawmakers inside the building, rioters were not met with violence, unlike those protesting for racial equality. Since the riot, the Chief of the Capitol Police has resigned. It can be safely assumed that one does not resign when they are doing their job correctly. This event exposed how truly unsafe the American people are under our current leadership. If anything can be gained from this event it will be that the current system might be held responsible for their lack of fair treatment for all American citizens.   

While it is important to critique in situations so blatantly unjust, we should also utilize this opportunity to enact change. In the same way that Democrats, and some Republicans, in Washington have done in once again attempting to impeach President Trump. It sets a precedent for other would-be rioters, forcing them to rethink their stance politically. We cannot allow a Democratic government to overlook the gravity of the situation. While people may have varying opinions on the riots at the Capitol, we must remember the severity of these events. An attack on a United States government building is an act of terrorism.