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By, Samantha Keating

Picture this: Madison Square Garden is full, sold out to the max. The crowd is eager and anxious, almost all holding the iconic “soup” style Love on Tour tote bag. Serotonin levels are skyrocketing and the people in the pit are doing a conga line. Love is in the air and appreciation for music and art is at an all-time high. Walking into a Harry Styles concert your expectations are bound to be high, but mine were exceeded. 

Harry came out of the infamous box dressed in a red and white spiral striped vest with matching pants. Think, Where’s Waldo but fashionable. He started the concert with high energy and an apology for being a few minutes late, (he had accidentally burned the roof of his mouth while eating soup). Not only did Styles perform the majority of his latest album, Harry’s House, but he also sang some of his older hits such as “Adore You”, “Kiwi”, and “Sign of The Times”. 

From start to finish Styles was full of the utmost love and appreciation for his audience. He repeatedly thanked everyone in the crowd, stating that “Things like this shouldn’t happen to people like me, so thank you for making it happen.” Styles’ humility continues to shine through no matter how accomplished and well-known he becomes. Every performance Styles gives is personal and lively, he lights up the stage and warms his audience’s hearts. It’s impossible to not want to get up and dance when you see him shimming down the stage. Other highlights of my night included Harry surprising the crowd with his hit song, “Medicine”, as well as acknowledging his appreciation for all of the “Golf Dads” in the audience. I was also lucky enough to grab a Harry’s House hoodie that is my new most prized possession.

Styles will continue Love on Tour at Madison Square Garden until September 21st, when he will head to Austin, Texas. If you’re able to attend any of his tour dates I highly encourage you to, it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience seeing him perform.

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Junior at Manhattan College studying English & 5-year elementary and special education!