To My Freshman Self: Asking for Help & Adjusting

After taking on the challenge as a Chemical Engineering major, I was afraid to ask for help in case I was perceived as “not smart enough.” Honestly, college is hard and no one is going to think you're “stupid” because you need extra help. Especially if you're a freshman taking on a new academic career, make it a habit to attend office hours and the tutoring center once a week. Even if you think office hours are too busy or you are too nervous to attend them, go to the tutoring center! Keep trying different tutors every week until you find one whose teaching techniques fit you best, it's free and one-on-one. Study groups with friends are great but it is not their responsibility to teach you the class material. 

Of course, asking for help goes outside of just schoolwork, it applies to the social scene, adjusting to dorm life, eating in the dining halls, and navigating the campus. My biggest recommendation is to find that upperclassman and make them your “big sister” or “big brother” on campus. This may be someone from your high school, a friend’s older sibling, your big from your sorority or fraternity, and so forth. Finding your person on campus and seeking advice from them will make adjusting so much easier because they adjusted to the same campus, same dining food, and the same social scene before you and now they know the tricks of the trade. 

Finally, getting adjusted to a new school means you have to find your place in that community and you can only do this if you're active on campus. So join the clubs that interest you, join greek life, go on that service trip. I know it’s cliche but friendships are not going to come to you if all you do is sit in class and your dorm. As you become more active on campus you'll find those natural relationships with other people that will make your circle grow. But also remember it takes time to find that circle. Don’t get discouraged- it will happen, you just have to put in the effort!