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As Paris Fashion Week finished up Oct. 3, 2023, there were so many fabulous and inspiring runway shows. Behind the glamorous NYFW, Paris Fashion Week is also a highlight for all avid fashion lovers worldwide. Fashion month has officially come to an end, and to say it is a slight disappointment is an understatement. Tons of our favorite influencers and celebrities took a flight to Paris to be present at shows for Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Schiaparelli, and more. Let’s highlight some of my personal favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week.

Kylie Jenner in Schiaparelli

Kylie Jenner once again broke the internet when she attended the Schiaparelli show in a custom deep-v, crystal-embellished gown. Jenner has been known for combining old Hollywood glamour with a sexy flair, and this gown truly embodied that look. The gown wowed viewers all over the world, becoming a viral TikTok sensation. Many named this one of her best appearances. Everyone couldn’t believe Jenner had done it again. 

Pamela Anderson Goes Makeup-free

Icon Pam Anderson attended many PFW shows makeup-less, an extremely powerful statement at such glamorous events. Anderson sported no makeup when attending all shows this week, which was a fresh sight to see during the week. Her looks were praised by the media and were some of my personal favorites of the week.

Zendaya at Louis Vuitton

Everyone’s favorite It-Girl once again stepped out at the Louis Vuitton show, serving one of (in my opinion) her best looks ever. She wore a stunning white dress with double zippers, and the plunging neckline featured a top zipper that was pulled down to her midriff, with a bottom accent that was zipped open to her mid-thigh. She paired the look with simple stilettos and minimal jewelry. Not that Zendaya ever really has a bad look but, her stylist had truly outdone themselves with this one.

Sydney Sweeney at Miu Miu

The Euphoria star has been known to have some of the most flattering looks at events and shows, but her sleek look at the Miu Miu show was nothing short of amazing. Sweeney wore a black tweed ensemble with heels, pairing it with a pair of chic Miu glimpse sunglasses. 

Emma Chamberlain’s Street Style

One of the highlights of this Paris Fashion Week was street style. Emma Chamberlain has been dominating PFW since she first attended in March of 2019. She has been known to be a powerhouse when it comes to setting trends, but her street style looks this PFW is something to obsess over. She played around with bold makeup, edgy looks, and chic ensembles throughout the week. Again, another iconic fashion week from Miss Chamberlain. 

Caroline is a junior Communication major, with a concentration in Public Relations and a double minor in Psychology and Sociology. She is also a member of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. She tends to lean more towards articles about fashion, as it is a passion of hers.