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By Rebecca McCann 

Recently I have been turning to social media to see the recent fashion trends. Influencers that I really like are Jordyn Mannino, Lauren Tiby and Emma Chamberlain. 

Mannino is a TikToker that posts various videos including fitchecks, get ready with me and sponsorships with different brands. She is constantly keeping up with the latest trends, and her style ranges from comfy chic to a night out with the girls. 

Perfectly enough, she links a lot of her looks on her Amazon Storefront, creating a separate tab with her monthly favorites. This makes finding her looks 10 times easier. I find this very helpful because you know the clothes are mostly likely going to come the way it looks online. 

Tiby, another TikToker, always emphasizes on buying the basics. Having articles of clothing that you can wear year round is very beneficial. By doing this you are able to mix and match these pieces as well as layering them together to create different outfits. She also makes sure to mention how shoes play a vital role in an outfit. Shoes can dress up or dress down any look. 

Chamberlain uses Instagram to showcase her style. She has been known to travel to Paris for their Fashion Week with Louis Vuitton. “Her aesthetic ranges from Y2k outfits to trucker dad styles” Zhou said from Refinery 29. This allows for a wide-target-audience to be able to use Chamberlain’s style to create their own looks. 

By following these fashion influencers I am able to create looks that are within my style range and following the latest trends. Watching and viewing these influencers content allows me to feel more confident in trying out different styles and broadening my outfit choices. When I see influencers wear a piece of clothing on their social media accounts I am more inclined to buy it because I know I am going to get my money’s worth. It is also great because most times they will also have a promo code you can use at check out for a discount. 

Rebecca McCann

Manhattan '23

Communications major concentrating in media production with a minor in psychology