The Most Instagrammable Spots in Riverdale

It can be hard living in the part of NYC where it’s more industrial and not as aesthetically pleasing as Manhattan. I’ve realized over the past six months that there are some hidden gems in Riverdale that will look great on your Instagram feed. Grab your camera, your friends, and head to some of these places! They are within walking distance from campus and will give you something fun to do! 

  1. Van Cortlandt Park

This one is obvious, considering it’s right across the street from campus, but it is a beautiful park with a bunch of things to do. During golden hour is when I like to go and take pics.

  1. Buunni Coffee

Located on Riverdale ave. Not only do they have great coffee but it's aesthetically pleasing on the inside.

  1. Mon Amour Coffee

The food here is one of my favorites. The lighting and cozy atmosphere give it a great opportunity for a pic. Such a short walk away from campus! 

  1. Wave Hill

A garden and greenhouse located less than a mile north of campus is a great place if you want to add some nature into your feed.

  1. Villa Charlotte Bronte

A beautiful mansion that is open to the public with views of the Hudson River. A great place to take pictures of yourself with a friend or two.

I hope this helps you the next time you and your friends are looking for a place to take a picture!