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Meet Mike Morra!

This past week, I had the exquisite pleasure of sitting down with Michael Morra, a long-time friend of mine, for an interview. You have likely seen him around campus being effortlessly cool with his awesome shoes and slick sunglasses. You may have even seen him on the One Train heading downtown to see one of his favorite musicians at the Bowery Ballroom or at some hole-in-the-wall location in Brooklyn. If it’s hip and cool and in one of the five boroughs, Mike already knows about it and somehow scored tickets to the event before it went on sale. In short, you’ll never be as cool as Mike Morra. It’s best to just accept your fate.

Before he graduates this Spring, make sure you take the time to chat with him. He is genuinely one of the sweetest people on this campus and you’ll be missing out if you don’t grab a Chai Latte with him one of these days. No pressure, though.

Name: Michael Morra

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

Hometown: North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

For those confused about where North Attleboro is located in Massachusetts, Mike took the time to explain its location to me. He said, “It’s about 40 minutes outside of Boston and about 15 minutes outside of Providence!”

HC: “Thank you so much for sitting down with my on this beautiful, beautiful Tuesday evening. Tonight, the Her Campus audience will be introduced to Michael Morra – and it’s been frankly long overdue. Now, how are you doing tonight?”

I’m doing pretty well! I’ve had kind of a long day. I only had a couple classes today, but I had a lot of work to do with midterms and papers and projects.

HC: “So even as a senior, you have a lot of papers and projects to do?”

Unfortunately, yeah.

HC: “That’s tragic.”

It is.

HC: “Despite all the papers and projects and midterms, how has senior year treated you so far?”

I think, um, despite all of that sh*t, I am kind of over it. I’m ready to graduate in some ways.

HC: “Are you just bored with the college experience?”

I think I am bored with the college experience. I think I want more independence. Over the summer, I got into a routine of being independent. [I had] responsibilities at my internship that required me to be creative, which was valued at my internship. [Being creative] is not [valued as] much in my classes [at Manhattan College]. To some extent, in marketing classes, I do get extra credit or a note from my professor saying that they value the creativity, but it isn’t a greater part of the grade. It’s frustrating.

HC: “I totally understand that. Now, this is a little more fun of a question. You’re a music guy.”

I am.

HC: “Have you heard of any cool new bands as of late?”

Any cool bands, hm. Good question. Mutual Benefit I’ve been listening to a lot recently. Angel Olsen, a ton. I overload on her, maybe even overdose on her. And, I’ve kind of been digging Shovels And Rope.

HC: “Shovels And Rope? What kind of music do they play?”

Indie-folk. More folky than indie. But they still have that kind of indie touch about them. And Foxygen, of course!

HC: “Who are your top three musicians for this semester so far? That might be kind of big of a question.”

Oh, Jesus. Thomas Mapfumo, always. Thomas Mapfumo, Lucius and Foxygen.

HC: “Are you sad that your career at Manhattan College is coming to a close?”

I am not sad, but I think I will be sad looking back.

HC: “Do you think you’ll be sad after graduation or do you think you’ll be sad come Spring semester, say like around April?”

I think after graduation. I think after a few months of working I will want to go back to a school environment. In some ways, you’re always learning in a work environment – which is always cool and interesting – but, with school there’s so much room for other things, I guess.

HC: “Are you thinking about getting your Masters?”

I think so. I’m not exactly sure in what. I think I’m going to wait a couple of years.

HC: “Are you thinking it might be business?”

I think as of right now I would go for my MBA, but I’m going to wait a couple of years to reflect to see if the music industry or PR or integrated communication is where I really want to go or if I want to go down an entirely different path. Maybe something entirely different will come up in my life. I don’t know.

HC: “If you had the opportunity to do something entirely different, what would you do?”

Good question. At the moment, I don’t think I have anything different I would want to do.

HC: “Say reality is turned off and you can do literally anything. What would that be?”

I think I would like to do something with with maybe the Peace Corps or something. I want to benefit others around the world, maybe by utilizing music to benefit others in some way.

HC: “Is there anywhere you would want to go specifically with the Peace Corps?”

I haven’t really thought about it too much, but I would be open to going anywhere.

HC: “If you could go anywhere in the world after graduation, where would you go?”

Somewhere where I would experience culture shock; somewhere I would feel out of place.

HC: “Would that place be somewhere you don’t speak the language or,”

Yeah, I think I would want somewhere with a language barrier and a social barrier because I find that when I’m in places where I’m totally outside of my comfort zone, that’s how I grow as a person. That’s how I’m able to shape my identity.

HC: “If you could go back to being a freshman, what would you do differently?”

Another good question, sh*t. I would. I would take advantage of the city more. I think I could have spent more time in the city and more time exploring the city. I really wanted to be in Manhattan more, experiencing it more and really just embracing it.

HC: “Would you want to be more immersed more in the arts side of Manhattan, the business side, the food side? Or is it more of just ‘being’ in the city?”

I think I would want to be immersed in the arts scene. I don’t really have much of an art talent, but I would want to be more associated with the Bowery, Village, Brooklyn scene.

HC: “Talk to me about your favorite Manhattan College memory.”

It would be meeting everyone. Arches would probably be my favorite memory because I wasn’t really sure what to expect about college. I was bit shy in high school, and although everyone was in the same position or situation, it had us embracing the idea of college and putting yourself out there. Everyone had the same mindset and was ready to talk about anything. It was just kind of a fun year.

HC: “What are your plans for post-graduation?”


HC: “You can tell me if that’s way too big of a question to ask.”

It’s way too big of a question to ask. Um, I don’t think I have a set plan yet. I’ve been trying to find that plan. I think I want to go into some form of integrated communication, whether it be public relations or some sort of experiential marketing. I don’t know on location yet. If I had the option of location, as much as I love New York, I want a new adventure. I wouldn’t be opposed to be staying in New York because there’s so much here. There’s always something new to explore. You can never see all of New York.

HC: “Do you plan on moving back home after graduation or are you looking to move back to Brooklyn or somewhere else?”

I’m kind of open to anything at the moment. I wouldn’t be opposed to going home – save some money. I would just chill for a little bit and then see wherever I go next. Maybe I’d go back to Brooklyn and live in Bushwick again.

HC: “Would you ever consider going international?”

I would.

HC: “Would you ever go back to Australia?”

I would, one hundred percent. I think about that a lot, actually. All the time. I keep thinking, if it’s possible, what kind work would I do? What’s the visa process like? Or even maybe getting my Masters abroad.

HC: “Tell me one cool fun fact about yourself.”

I love cats.

HC: “That’s not a cool fun fact.”

No, can it please?.

HC: “Fine.”

(Discretionary note: The interviewer does not like cats.)

HC: “Is there any knowledge you would like to drop on the Her Campus at Manhattan College audience?”

I guess one thing I’ve been trying to do lately – which has made me a happier person and an improved human being – is trying to embrace everything around me. I don’t want to say ‘I don’t like this, I don’t like that,’ but I want to accept it all. I don’t seek out differences. I think I’m trying to embrace everything that comes my way and just see what happens. I just want to ride it out instead of immediately rejecting everything. 

HC: “Do you think that other people should do the same?”

I think so. I think it would be helpful for other people because it’s been so helpful for me. I’ve become more understanding of people and their differences because of it. It’s given me a different perspective of subjects.

HC: “I think that’s grand.”

Thank you.

I am currently a senior at Manhattan College double majoring in English and Communication with a concentration in advertising. When I'm not writing about music, I'm usually eating soup dumplings or petting dogs - ideally at the same time. I'm proudly American with a half-Chinese and half-Italian heritage. You can follow me on Twitter at @ChuChuTrain. I'm funny sometimes.
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