Meet Kris Lopci!

Name: Kris Lopci

Age: 21

Hometown: Tirana, Albania

Year: Junior

Major: Civil Engineering

RF: What's your spirit animal?

KL: A lion because they're one of the most powerful animals in the world but they sleep for 22 hours a day.

RF: Your favorite food here that you can't find in Albania?

KL: Thai food and Chipotle. 

RF: What made you choose Manhattan?

KL: Well I knew I defiantly wanted to go to school in New York so I applied to some different places and ended up getting accepted to a few places like NYU and NYTI, but I ultimately chose Manhattan for a couple of reasons. It is one of the better schools for engineering in the city and because my best friend from high school was going here. The funny thing is that we both had no idea that the school was in the Bronx.

RF: What do you miss most about your hometown?

KL: The thing I miss most about my home town is how much more relaxing life there is in general. Just being able to hang out with my friends for hours drinking coffee, doing nothing. I also miss the warmer weather because I dislike winter clothes. 

RF: What’s one memory you’re going to take home with you from your time here?

KL: The time I went on a trip to Washington DC. We got a limo ride all around and saw the White House, the statue of Abraham Lincoln, and the Smithsonian Museum. Also during the trip, I got to go to Baltimore Maryland and see a pretty cool basketball game. 

RF: What are your plans for after graduation?

KL: Hopefully to be employed and living somewhere in Westchester. Also, eventually I would love to have my whole family move here.