Meet Katie Compton!


Canandaigua, NY



Favorite ice cream flavor:

Mint Ting-A-Ling from Perry’s in upstate New York (“It’s really sad that they don’t have it here… When I’m here, I settle for Mint Chocolate Chip by Häagen Dazs.")

Favorite band/ musical artist:

I do really like Justin Bieber… I went through a hard-core “I love Justin Bieber” phase when I was in 8th grade, and it started to die out. Then when his new album came out, I realized that I am in love with Justin Bieber. We’re getting married, he just doesn’t know it yet! No, but I actually really love Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin… all the oldies.

Somewhere you want to travel:

I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland… hands down.

Tell me a little bit about Lotus Magazine and what you do:

I’m actually the managing editor and also the “Beauty & Fashion” editor, as well. So, what I do is I work up close with the Editor-In-Chief to go through the layout and everything. We’re kind of like a Cosmopolitan kind of magazine, but our main message is empowering women and showing off a different image that’s not just stick figures. So, we’re really excited about that. It has the “Lifestyle” section and the “Beauty and Fashion” section, and then it’s going to have a section of little quotes about people’s roommates and what they love about them. It’s just supposed to be an uplifting and kind of heartwarming magazine that makes people feel good about themselves, and we hope that we can get that message across. It’s going to be online, and we’re going to have one every semester.

Is what you’re doing with the magazine something you want to do after graduation?

YES! Actually, I would really like to become an editor. I’ve changed it a few times in the past semester, but I think I would really enjoy editing. I would really like to work in a fashion magazine, it’s just something I’ve always really wanted to do. Hopefully I can become an editor in a fashion magazine, and if not, I’ll settle for a job. I like whole editing process, and I’ve enjoyed it so far with this.

What magazine do you want to work for?

I would like to write for a magazine that focuses on health and wellness. I would love to have the sort of magazine that we’re having here; one that’s promoting women who aren’t unrealistically tiny. I think that we’re evolving as women, and we’re not how it used to be and we’re more critical. I think that the magazines that we have out right now are great for a fun read, but I can tell you one thing: when I pick up a magazine, I never put it down feeling better about myself because I feel like it’s degrading. They make me feel like I’m not working out enough, and I’m not thin enough, and I want to work for a magazine that promotes all things positive, and lets women of all ages know that who they are is just fine… and more. So, that’s the dream!