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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

Miami native, Anthony Capote is a big part of the Manhattan College Community. Not only is he the assistant news editor at the Quadrangle newspaper, but he also works with admissions as a tour guide for students looking to attend Manhattan.

“It’s fun because I get to work with accepted students, students who are thinking of applying, and so on”.

He really loves being a tour guide because he gets to help kids pick a college, and he really loves talking about his school that he calls his second home.

Anthony is a double major in sociology and communications with a journalism concentration. He gets to put his journalism skills into practice when working for the Quadrangle.

“I get to live the life I want to as a journalist. I get to do work similar to what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s great practice.”

He reports at least one story a week as well as copy editing and helping with layout.

Originally, Anthony had been a sociology and business major. However, during his first semester freshman year, he realized that business was not what he wanted to do. He caught the journalism bug and reached out to Dr. Thom Gencarelli and Dr. Joe Cutbirth, one of his mentors, who helped him secure his path for journalism at Manhattan College.

Having to take most of his communication classes all at once, Anthony was also apart of the small group of students who got to take their ethics class at Rikers Island.

This only made him fall more in love with journalism.

“I love reporting, I love writing; there’s nothing about journalism that is lame to me. It’s all fun”.

Manhattan College should most definitely expect to see Anthony Capote’s face appearing on our television screens or even see is name in print in the near future. 

My name is Kiersten Buelow, I am a Sophomore at Manhattan College. I am swimmer for the Manhattan Jaspers and a journalism major with a minor in digital media.