Meet Amber Perez

Name: Amber Perez Major: Mechanical Engineering  Year: Sophomore Hometown: Brooklyn, NY  

What’s your current Netflix/TV binge?

The X-Files

What’s your experience here at Manhattan been like so far? 

It’s been really, really good. Surprisingly good. I was really nervous for it but it has exceeded my expectations.

What has been your favorite memory at MC?

Hanging out with friends and the memories I have made with the people I have met. It just has been really amazing. I thought it would be more awkward but it has been extremely fun.

Why do you want to be a mechanical engineer?

I want to work on space exploration. As a mechanic engineer, you can go into being an astronaut and you need to have an engineering degree because you need to fix stuff. I can be a mission’s specialist or I can work on space technologies and go to different planets, interplanetary travel.

Recently, you went to the Women’s Rights March in Manhattan. What was the experience like?

The experience was pretty eye-opening. It was unlike anything that I have ever done before and it was just really something that you throw yourself into. It was just amazing to see all those people out there for the same cause. It is just a beautiful thing when we all come together and root for the same thing. It was just so much support. It was amazing.

Have you always been interested in human rights activism? 

Probably since a young age, earlier than most people are.

Did someone help you get into that?

Actually, there is a website called and I found it somehow some day and it is just signing petitions for all these things that are going in the world. That was my opening to the world and all the issues that society faces but also, all the things that we can improve on. Probably also why I like engineering.  

What are you looking forward to this semester? 

Continuing my studies and making more memories on campus. Being in college again and going through the same thing. Every day is really stressful but it is one step closer, you work so hard every day.

Thanks Amber!