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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

Name: Alana Rios

Major: Biology 

Minors: Chemistry and Psychology

Year: Senior 

Hometown: North Bergen, New Jersey

Age: Twenty-Fun (21)

How are you doing in this exact moment?

Not bad since I have decided to answer these questions and avoid working on my senior paper. 

Your senior year is just about halfway done. Can you talk to me a little bit about how you’re feeling about that?

I think I was more anxious about it last year and at the beginning of this semester. I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to enjoy the time I have left. Thinking about having one semester left is insane. It feels so close right now. During freshman and sophomore year it felt like a lifetime away. 

If you had the opportunity, would you redo your college experience? Why or why not?

I don’t think so. I want to move forward. I’ve enjoyed my time at Manhattan College so much that redoing it would spoil all of the memories I have. Maybe prolong the experience but subtract classes, homework, exams, and papers.  

What is it like being a senior Biology major?

There is a lot more homework this year. I’m taking a lot of gen eds and psych classes for my minor, so a lot of writing and reading is involved. It is different to the insane amount of hours I usually spent just studying for my science classes. 

If there was one thing you could tell freshman Biology majors, what would it be?

Pick up good study habits early in the game. I think my freshman and sophomore year were my toughest so it is important to know that it does get better. 

After you graduate in May 2017, what do you plan to do? Do you want to go to graduate school? Take a gap year? Find a job?

I’m planning on taking a gap year after graduation. I would like to use the time to travel and figure out what exactly I want to do whether it is work or continue my studies. 

Do you feel that Manhattan College has prepared you adequately for “the real world?”

I think so. I guess I won’t know till I’m out there, but my professors and advisors have really helped me throughout my four years, whether it was for schoolwork or advice for after graduation. I can’t complain. 

I know that you are a Resident Assistant (RA) for Lee Hall. What has that been like? What’s it like working with other Manhattan College students to create a “home-away-from-home” of sorts?

Being an RA can be very time consuming, but it was worth it. I like working with my residents to make sure they are comfortable during their time at school. The position has also helped me make new friendships with my residents and fellow staff members. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring RA?

Just be yourself during the whole application process and don’t be afraid to ask your RA questions about the job. 

What has been the most unexpected thing to happen to you at Manhattan College?

One of my professors asked me to TA a class with him this semester and I’m surprised at how much I like teaching. I never saw myself as someone that would like teaching or be good at it. It is definitely something I will think about when I try to decided what to do down the road. 

Is there anything else you would like to say to the Her Campus at Manhattan College community?

When Caroline and I get deported to Mexico, we are going to open up a chain of pancake houses. 

I am currently a senior at Manhattan College double majoring in English and Communication with a concentration in advertising. When I'm not writing about music, I'm usually eating soup dumplings or petting dogs - ideally at the same time. I'm proudly American with a half-Chinese and half-Italian heritage. You can follow me on Twitter at @ChuChuTrain. I'm funny sometimes.