Maximizing Space: Organization Hacks for Your Closet

Can’t seem to fit all those clothes, shoes, and toiletries in that tiny closet in your dorm? Tired of not being able to find that cute shirt you are looking for without making an even bigger mess? Organizing a tiny space can be difficult, but with the right tools, you can maximize the small amount of space you have in your college closet.

Space saving hangers: Coming in many different options for whether you are hanging pants, shirts, or accessories, these hangers are essential to maximizing space in your closet. Most can hold up to six different pieces of clothing, a great tool to have when trying to fit all those clothes on your singular closet rod. A bonus of these hangers is that you could put all the same color shirts or an outfit together on one hanger, making it easy to find what clothes you are looking for!

Containers: In most dorms, a shelf is included above each clothing rod in the closet. This is a great space to store toiletries, towels, and any other smaller items. I picked up a six pack of clear containers from target and filled them with these supplies. They fit perfectly stacked on top of each other on this shelf and keep my closet less crowded. I suggest labeling the containers and packing them with similar supplies such as medicine or skincare products to keep them extra organized.

Over the door hooks: Doors are a great place to store items, yet they are often forgotten about. I love to use over the door hooks on my closets to hang my purses and bookbags. Over the door shoe racks and jewelry organizers are also great tools to help maximize the small space.

Learn how to fold like a pro: The way you fold your clothes can make a huge difference in how much space is available in your drawers and closet. Look up some new ways to fold to see how much space you can gain just from simply changing your folding technique. 

Under bed storage: Still don’t have enough space in your college closet after trying all these organization hacks? The best addition to have to your college closet is some under the bed storage. Personally, I love my three-drawer mini dresser from target. It is the perfect amount of extra space to store anything that could not make it into my closet. I also love keeping a couple totes under my bed as they are so simple to access, stackable, and are perfect for the bulkier New York weather clothes.

I hope this article helps you transform and make the most out of the tiny space in your college closet!