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Making Your Home Away from Home Feel Like Home

Copper Wire Fairy Lights

A basic favorite among dorm rooms are fairy lights, the dainty edition to your room that really “lights” it up. They also function as a form of dim lighting, a happy medium for a roommate who may be sleeping while the other has yet to come home.

Round Mirror

Mirrors have the effect to make a room feel bigger which is necessary for such small living quarters and usually, everyone has a full-length mirror to check themselves before leaving for class. A round mirror has a more home-like effect since it’s decorative and functional, and successfully covers up some of those harsh cinder block walls.

Marble Side Table

It just feels like a luxury to have a piece in your dorm that isn’t one of the classic light wood dorm pieces. A marble side table is super functional, cute and goes great with a futon. A faux marble table can be found at Target, Amazon, and Walmart and I’m a happy customer with my purchase! 

Marble Contact Paper

On the topic of ugly dorm furniture, you can always add removable marble contact paper to make them look less basic and more glam. Make sure its removable though, you want to get fined at the end of the year! 

Black Out Curtains

Dorm blinds honestly keep no light out, especially if you need a midday pick-me-up nap, but blackout curtains keep the sun out and add a more homey feature to the room and can be found in any color. Just make sure you get the right length-tension rods to go with them. These also can be essential when your windows are in view of students passing as an extra form of privacy. 


Pairing all these items together can turn to a beautifully decorated home away from home! 


Ciara Coyle

Manhattan '22

Ciara is a ChemE with a Concentration in Cosmetics in Manhattan College's Class of 2022. She's a millennial pink enthusiast who loves everything shopping and photography!