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Kanye, It’s Okay to Be a #FingersInTheBootyA–B-tch

The latest Kanye West drama started after he changed his album title from SWISH to WAVES (dropping Febuary 11th). Wiz Khalifa was clearly upset because he tweeted “Max B is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him.” The men of rap went on tweeting back and forth until Wiz encited one of the BIGGEST RANTS OF ALL TIME by tweeting “Hit this kk and become yourself.”

Here are the highlights from YEEZY’s thesis on why Wiz is wack:



Amber Rose (also known as MUVA) came out and SHREDDED Kanye from here to 2025 with ONE tweet.

Of course, Kanye deleted his entire rant, claims “positivity” from here on out, and completely denies MUVA’s tweet. But… Hey, Kanye, what if I told you its okay to enjoy anal? 

Just as women have a g-spot, so do men. A man’s g-spot just happens to be his prostate which is a small gland about two inches inside of (you guessed) the booty. Astroglide.com created this lovely listicle on how to get the fun going with your boo:

  1. Discuss your g-spot play and set boundaries. (Think safe words, etc)
  2. Trim and file your nails. (no one wants to get cut or break a nail in there)
  3. Take any hygiene precautions. (Take a shower, maybe use a condom)
  4. Get him warmed up. (You don’t like it when he just drops it all in, do you?)
  5. Lube up. (Uhm…YES)
  6. Ease into it. (This is probably his first time doing this)
  7. Find that g-spot! (remember just a couple of inches in!)
  8. Find out what he likes!
  9. Get to multitasking!

As the old saying goes, the rest is history. So Kanye, please don’t be ashamed. It’s perfectly normal to be a #FingersInTheBootyA-sB-tch. Biologically, all men are.



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