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John Canfield

Name: John Canfield

Class year: Junior

Major: English and Journalism

Hometown: Latham, NY

Relationship Status: Single

Life at Manhattan

Her Campus: What's your favorite part about being a Jasper?

John Canfield: The people, without question. When I first got here, I kind of was a recluse, like I don't think I spoke to anybody for the first two months. And then when I finally did speak to someone, I was yelling at the kids next door to turn their music down, not knowing that these goons would turn out to be my best friends here. We’re such a tight-knit campus here that even the people you have no business knowing, you somehow know.

HC: What are you involved with on campus?

JC: I was just elected VP of Social Life, I’ll be inducted into the English Honor Society later this semester, and I guess you could say I’m a contributor for The Quadrangle? That’s a little pre-emptive, I still have a few things in the works that I have to push through the editing process.  

HC: Who’s your favorite professor?

JC: Rocco Marianacco. He always keeps it interesting.

HC: What's your favorite class you've taken at MC?

JC: Theater in the City with Deirdre O’Leary. If for nothing else than the wealth of personality I was surrounded by on a weekly basis.

HC: What's your favorite memory from the last few years?

JC: It’s a tough one. I turned 21 in February so I had my little brother and two of my friends from home come down. My friends here and I made a pact that for my 21st birthday, we would all go to Cannons, so of course we did. There was ten of us sprawled out on a bench and some song came on, I forget which one, but we all stood up at the same time and broke the bench. It was a great 21st birthday.

Fun Facts:

HC: Favorite Chick Flick?

JC: “The Notebook”, easily. “Dear John” is so trash. That’s the only other real chick flick that I’ve seen and it’s garbage.

HC: Best concert you've ever been to?

JC: Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Barclays Center.

HC: Best residence hall on campus?

JC: Jasper, without question.

HC: Dream job?

JC: I’d like to write. I realized a long time ago that a 9-to-5 job isn’t for me and writing is great because the only person responsible for the quality of your work is yourself.

HC: Ideal date?

JC: Depends on the weather. If it’s miserable outside, I’d rather stay in and watch a movie. If it’s nicer outside, maybe go out to dinner, get a drink or two afterwards. I’m a pretty low-key guy.

HC: Biggest pet peeves?

JC: Disrespect is a big one for me. Not like a diss, but not having respect for someone as a person, as a fellow human being. It’s gonna sound really cliché, but I can’t stand bullies. The greatest people on the planet are the ones who, regardless of the fact that they’re great, never look down on people who look up to them.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

JC: I think girls our age have a tendency to play hard to get, which you know, they’ve been trained to do with good reason, so I understand. But in some cases, they do take it a little too far. If you’re not gonna meet me halfway, then I’m not gonna waste my time. I like a girl who realizes that it's a two-way street.

HC: Recommendations to binge-watch on Netflix/HBO Go?

JC: Mad Men… True Detective is a big one. I’d like to say Girls but I might stop watching… I would say Entourage or Game of Thrones but that’s such a boy thing to say. But I’ll be watching Mad Men over Game of Thrones on Sunday.


Lover of realtalk, cheese, Netflix, and psychology. 
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