Jess’s Declassified Library Survival Guide

Dress appropriately

Bring clothes that you know will be comfortable and won’t be distracting while you’re trying to get your work done. Since you’re most likely going to be spending a good amount of time in  the library, it’s better to be as comfortable as you can. If you’re wearing something that’s too itchy, is hurting you, or keepings falling out of place it can be a major distraction and isn’t ideal when you’re trying to get work done. Also, depending on the season, the library is either boiling hot or extremely cold and there is no in between. To be prepared, always bring a sweatshirt or even a pair of comfy shorts to change into, just in case. Just wearing a t-shirt or even sweatpants can be risky since the temperature is always fluctuating. So bring extra (comfy!) pieces that you can either change into or just throw on no matter what. 

Library Floors

Technically the library has 5 floors that decrease as you go down. The floor that you walk in on is floor 4, and the bottom floor with the comfy chairs and windows is 2. Typically, students don’t use the fifth floor, but they can use the first. To get down to the first floor you can either go down the elevator (which I do not recommend because it is extremely slow and old) or stairs that you can access on the second and third floors. Additionally, as you go deeper into the library, the quieter the floors become. On the fourth floor, the noise level is regular speaking volume, the third is slightly quieter (which makes it perfect for group projects), and the second is supposed to be completely silent. 

Study and Quiet Rooms

Study rooms and the quiet room on the second floor of the library are possibly the best places to go. If you have to get work done and need absolute quiet, then the quiet room is the best place for you. It is completely silent and is perfect for when you have a long paper or need to completely concentrate. I wholeheartedly recommend this place as a way to get work done, and I wish I had known about it sooner! However, if you need a place to study with others some of the better places are study rooms that are scattered throughout the library. There are ones on the second and third floors, but it can sometimes be difficult to get work done, especially if you are easily distracted. Nevertheless, they’re excellent if you have group work or a larger study group since there are whiteboards and plenty of chairs and room. Just be sure to bring some extra white board markers since sometimes they’re not in the rooms themselves. Also, they fill up fast, so if you need one be sure to get one early especially during midterms and finals.

Come prepared!

Before you come to the library be sure you have all the materials you need. This includes any textbooks, notebooks, tools (i.e calculators, rulers, pens, pencils), chargers for any electronics, and of course, headphones. There is nothing worse than not having something that you need or having to go back to your room to get it.  

Printing labs vs. Printing kiosks

The printing kiosks when you walk into the library can be extremely convenient if there is no line and you’re in a rush. If you have to wait for a computer there, your best bet is going to the printing labs located on the fourth floor. There is always a computer open and it’ll most definitely be faster than waiting in line.