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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

By Casey Schellberg

When most people picture college, they see the classes, on-campus activities, living in a dorm, but also, a party scene. It seems to be a staple of all college cultures and is even something some prospective students want to know about before making a decision on where to attend college. While a party scene may complete the perfect college picture for some, it does not for everyone, and that’s OK! 

My freshman year, I was eager to get to meet new people and get involved, but was also a bit hesitant about partying, especially as an introvert. Nevertheless, my friends got me dressed up on Friday’s, started the pregame, and out we went to dance the night away on a sticky floor. Now three years and a pandemic later, you can find me curled up in bed watching Netflix on a Friday night excited to catch up on sleep, and honestly, I wish more people understood how therapeutic it is.

The party culture in college can be very toxic (literally and figuratively). With it comes the hours of getting ready to look hot or sexy for the boys, the drama in the friend group, the fights that come out when you’re intoxicated, and of course, the hangover the next morning. While it was fun the first few nights, party culture is exhausting! 

This semester, I have spent a lot of weekend nights in my dorm due to my RA duties, and while I was upset about missing all the weekend parties and activities at first, it has honestly been an eye-opener for me. It has been so nice to be able to take time for myself after a long week of classes and assignments to just rewind, sleep, and prioritize myself; drama, chaos, and stress free. I dare you to follow in my footsteps. It doesn’t have to be every weekend, but do know that it is OK to say no to a party and to spend a Friday night in bed. Parties don’t have to define your college life. 

Casey Schellberg

Manhattan '23

Casey is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Childhood Education with concentrations in math and psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and exploring NYC. Casey is also a part of Manhattan’s cheerleading team and serves as an RA on campus. She is loving her home as a Jasper at MC and cannot wait to see what the upcoming years bring!